Interviews with music giants, Roberta Flack, AD/DC, George Clinton, Shelia E, Wilko Johnson
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Interviews with Music Giants

As part of our work in partnership with media professional Rory Gill and a Television Company, we interview giants of the music industry. Check out the wide range of interviews we have conducted below:

Marcus Anderson interview, Prince, Ceelo Green, Autism, New Power Generation

David Bowie interview

George Clinton interview, Parliament Funkadelic

Sheila E interview, Prince

Tom Hagler

Tom Abrahams

John Mayall interview

Chris Slade interview, AC/DC

Roberta Flack interview

Ida Nielsen interview, Prince, 3rdEyeGirl

Marcus Anderson interview, Prince, New Power Generation

Andy Allo interview

Bernie Torme interview

Steve Peer interview

Wilko Johnson interview

Bohemian Rhapsody

Prince, Purple Rain, Italy

 Aston Barrett interview, Bob Marley

Jess and The Bandits interview

Blue Oyster Cult interview

Patti Russo interview

John Etheridge interview

Ida Nielsen

Christmas Party, ME1 TV, Peter Cook

 Maxi Priest interview

No Hot Ashes interview

The Blockheads interview

Hawkwind interview

Jordan Gray interview, Virgin

Bob Wayne, interview, Country, Western

Jordan Gray, Pizza Express, The Voice, Tall Dark Friend

Steve Peer interview

Barry Ainsworth, interview, Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

Jah Wobble

Bowie Business Experiences

Jordan Gray, Virgin Money, The Voice, Tall Dark Friend

Currently locked in a vault :

Marillion interview, Genesis, Prog

The Quireboys interview, Punk, Metal

Rival Sons interview, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin

Lol Creme interview, Buggles, Yes

Joanne Shaw Taylor interview, Blues, Eurythmics

The Temperance Movement interview

Aaron Keylock interview, Blues

Bernie Marsden interview, Whitesnake, Blues

Trevor Horn interview, Buggles, Yes

Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Vicky Hamilton, Virgin


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